Save Resources With LED Lighting Now and Later



LED lighting is transforming the world in terms of their ability to minimize energy consumption while producing benefits that can last for years. Good LED bulbs can provide light for decades while also taking a big bite out of your electric bill every month. They are also a great survival resource to have on hand for a number of reasons. Let’s look at some of the benefits of LED lighting options and discover how you can incorporate them into your survival preparations.



They Minimize Energy Consumption

LED bulbs require minimal energy to work, and they don’t generate a lot of heat when compared to traditional bulbs. Transitioning to LED bulbs may seem like a big investment now, but they will pay big dividends in the future. Consider the fact that a LED bulb requires less than a tenth of the energy that your traditional bulbs need. If you will be using a generator or batteries to power your life once the grid shuts down, then you will be able to conserve an awful lot of energy and save a ton of fuel.


Small LED bulbs for flashlights or battery-powered portable lamps are also very energy-efficient. You can find products that use small, coin or button lithium-ion batteries that can provide you with hundreds of hours of power. Couple that with rechargeable products, and you can conceivably go months without needing to recharge or replace batteries. You can also choose from solar options that will eliminate the need for batteries altogether.


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They Are Powerful and Adjustable

You only need a small bulb to generate a powerful beam of focused light. The quality of LED lights are also better on the eyes because their energy frequencies are more in line with natural sunlight. You can even find products that allow you to adjust the brightness, intensity and color of the bulbs as well. This gives you tremendous options in terms of customizing your lighting scheme to match your particular needs, and all of this translates into greater flexibility and minimal demand on your limited resources.







They are Getting Cheaper

Prices are dropping as more and more products are flooding the market. You can find bulbs to fit into standard fixtures for only a couple of dollars more than their traditional counterparts. Flashlights, spotlights and portable battery-operated fixtures are getting really cheap as well. The bottom line is that you can build a supply of lasting and effective lights without spending a lot of money, and having them on hand will help to keep you from going back into the stone age if the power goes out.





There’s a Bulb for Every Purpose

You can find quality lamps, spotlights, lanterns, flashlights and pen lights almost anywhere, and these are all important survival items to have on hand. They are lighter and more compact which means that you can save space without limiting your choices. You won’t have to carry heavy batteries, and many good products are built-tough and designed to endure a lot of abuse.


The only real drawback with LED lighting is that they don’t generate a lot of ambient light that fills rooms. Their intensity focuses on a narrower range, and this may require you to utilize a couple more lights to give you the same coverage that a traditional bulb provides. However, this limitation still doesn’t offset the tremendous benefits that you will experience once you make the transition and incorporate them into your stockpile of survival gear.


Take a closer look at LED lighting today, and discover how they can be a real game changer in the world of prepping and survival.




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