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Car Survival Kit / Car Emergency Trunk Kit

    Published on Jul 13, 2013 Thinking of making a bug out bag for your car? Maybe a survival bag and other gear to keep in your trunk? Here’s a look at what Tim keeps in the trunk of his car so he is prepared for whatever goes down.      

8 Emergency Items That Should Be In Your Car’s Glove Compartment

  These are the top 8 items that you should have in your glove compartment; this is very basic and shouldn’t be in place of your car emergency kit. Flashlight Having a flashlight that is compact and bright is one of the most important items to have in an emergency. If your car breaks down …

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Simple Techniques for Bandaging Wounds

Simple Techniques for Bandaging Wounds   Bandaging wounds and injuries properly requires a little bit of attention and common sense.  There are certain methods that work better than others, and knowing what to do in specific situations can help to protect the injury while also promoting greater comfort.  Here are a few things to think …

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Making and using a Bow Drill

When I was learning to make fire using the bow drill I browsed the internet for information, I found that there are quite a few websites out there that have articles about the bow drill, but I felt there was never enough information. Each person has their own tips and specialist knowledge around the subject …

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