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32 Survival Skills Your Child Should Know and Be Able to Do ASAP!

32 Survival Skills Your Child Should Know Knowledge is something that takes time to develop, so we need to start teaching the next generation now.  In case God forbid, our children are left to fend for themselves or we are injured or even just to make your family more apt to survive, every child must …

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Portable Fishing Gear

  Imagine being able to fish on a backpacking trip without having to tote an ungainly fishing pole and tackle box. Imagine having a setup so compact that you barely notice it in your backpack. Not only is this fantasy rig a real possibility, but you can make it yourself. Here’s how. Supplies You’ll Need: …

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Waterproof Fire Starters

Make Your Own Waterproof Fire Starters Here are some really cool small waterproof fire starters we’ve made. These little guys are great survival additions to any kit you have. They can really come in handy if you are stuck in a pickle! All you need is some soda straws, pliers, scissors, cotton balls and a …

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Where To Download Great DIY Woodworking Plans

    Woodworking Plans To Download – Where To Find Them To learn how you can download over 16,000 woodworking plans, click here Would you like to start learning the woodworking craft? It’s not exactly easy, at least not if you want to become good at what you’re doing, but it’s fun and it’s worth …

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