32 Survival Skills Your Child Should Know and Be Able to Do ASAP!

32 Survival Skills Your Child Should Knowbig-kid-gun

Knowledge is something that takes time to develop, so we need to start teaching the next generation now.  In case God forbid, our children are left to fend for themselves or we are injured or even just to make your family more apt to survive, every child must learn these survival skills so they can pull their own weight and contribute as much as they can. And it’s not just physical survival we need to teach them but mental, emotional, and spiritual survival as well. If your family learns now to be a well oiled machine, you will be more likely to survive any type of collapse.

1- Grow vegetables from seeds
2- Have local edible and medicinal plant foraging skills
3- Knowledge of dietary needs and how to meet them using wild plants and game
4- Make a fire and know fire safetyfire-primitive
5- Cook on an open fire
6- Open a can of food with and with out a can opener
7- Be able to tell if food is too spoiled to eat
8- How to safely use a knife
9- How to shoot a sling shot
10- How to hunt small game with snares, traps and sling shot
11- How to fish and hunt-bow & gun when old enough
12- How to clean fish and wild game
13- Find water and identify if it’s safe to drink
14- Filter and boil water to drink
15- Basic first aid
16- Basic hygiene practices
17- Find or build a shelter in the wilderness
18- How to stay warm, cool and dry in the elements
19- How, Why and When to stay hidden
20-  Be able to run and walk a good distance and be in generally good shape
21- How to make a basic weapon and how to use it
22- Self defense
23- How to climb a tree- to get away from predators, get barrings, and hunt
24- How to read a map and use a compass
25- How to read the sky for directions, time and approaching bad weather
26- Know where family and friends live if they need to find them
27- How to sew so they can mend clothing or make  simple things such as bags
28- How to bargain and tradeboy-in-den-and-fire-12-292x300
29- How to be responsible for themselves and to be aware of their surroundings at all times
30- Have a natural curiosity and good problem solving skills
31- Be hard working and a self starter and a family helper
32- Have strong faith in God


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