10 Unbelievable Ordinary Things That Could Be Potential Lifesavers

10. Sanitary Pads | Bleeding Wounds Treating

Sanitary Pads | Bleeding Wounds Treating

The sanitary pad’s origin lies in nineteenth-century battlefield hospitals to treat bullet wounds. Only after World War I did they take on their now-traditional use of female hygiene. In case of emergency, when medical attention may not be available, bleeding wounds treating will be a necessity. The pads could be quit handy to cover the wounds.

9. Compact Mirror & Whistle | Fire And Rescue

Compact Mirror & Whistle | Fire And Rescue

It is a lifesaver when used as a silent emergency beacon. It can be effective in both sun and moonlight, and can even start fires on a sunny day. Although a rescue team passing by still may miss your signal; an auditory signal from a whistle is certain to attract their attention.




8. Super Glue | Emergency Wounds Suture

Super Glue | Emergency Wounds Suture

Have a superficial wound that needs stitching? No medical staff, no needle and thread or no sewing training? No problem. While it will not do much for penetrating wounds like gunshots, super glue as an emergency suture can quickly bind and protect minor lacerations that otherwise could become infected.

7. Gunpowder | Sterilizing And Cauterizing Wounds

Gunpowder | Sterilizing And Cauterizing Wounds

You’ve seen it in the movies: guy gets shot, breaks apart a few bullets, pours the gunpowder over the wound and lights it. Guess what? While excruciatingly painful, it does exactly what is needed by sterilizing and cauterizing the wound.

6. Charcoal & Cheesecloth | Water Purification

Charcoal & Cheesecloth | Water Purification

Charcoal is amazing for some other uses than cooking: water purification. Drill a hole in the bottom of any type of plastic container, line it with the cheesecloth, place charcoal in it and pour in water – and voila, an instant water purification system! Afterwards, you can let the charcoal dry and cook your dinner with it.

5. Chewing Gum | Suppress Appetite

Chewing Gum | Suppress Appetite

The simple act of chewing a gum can suppress your appetite, thereby preserving limited food supplies for longer periods, while aiding in necessary saliva production.

4. Vinegar | Antibacterial And Microbial

Vinegar | Antibacterial And Microbial

Vinegar is a great antibacterial and microbial that can treat skin burns, inflammations and infections. As a cleaning agent it sanitizes and deodorizes, and can mask any odors which you’re afraid might give away your position to wildlife. A small amount mixed with water can also be swallowed to relieve an upset stomach, or to remove parasites from any contaminated water or undercooked venison you may accidentally consume.




3. Condoms | Water Storage

Condoms | Water Storage

Condoms are useful in another way than sex: water storage. Durable and stretchable, a condom can hold up to a gallon of water. They can also be used to protect against water, as a stretchable cover for valuable items like matches and walkie-talkies.

2. Harmonica | Maintaining Focus And Concentration

Harmonica | Maintaining Focus And Concentration

Musical tones – regardless of the source – have been shown to stimulate both the creative and pleasure centers of the brain; to help maintain focus and concentration; and to reduce anxiety and pain. The harmonica just might help maintain your sanity until the situation normalizes.

1. Baking Soda | Reliever of Upset Stomachs

Baking Soda | Reliever of Upset Stomachs

Most effective as a reliever of upset stomachs, there is an even better reason to have baking soda handy: fire. In an emergency, an inexpensive alternative for water, baking soda easily puts out cooking and other small fires that may occur while hunkered in your bunker.

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