How to Make an Electricity Free Air Conditioner

How to Make an Electricity Free Air Conditioner


There is a new type of homemade air conditioner that is sweeping the world due to its simplicity. You can make one out of some of the most abundant and basic materials around in an hour or so. People have reported drops in indoor temperatures in excess of 10 degrees Fahrenheit after installing this device. Let’s take a look at how it works and why you definitely want to consider making one for yourself.

Plastic Bottles and Cardboard

All you need for this project is a bunch of 2 liter plastic bottles and some plywood or similar material. You can also use thick cardboard as well, as long as it is rigid enough. You will also need a dremel to bore holes into the material. Once you get the basic principle of this project down, you can modify or improve on it to suit your particular needs.

The idea is to bore out a series of holes in the material and insert the top half of the bottles into them. This will funnel air through the narrow openings and create a mini wind-turbine. The effectiveness of this trick will depend on various conditions, including the direction and intensity of the wind outside. However, even on calm days, warm air can be drawn into the unit and cool as it is ejected into the space inside.

Getting Started

The first step is to measure out a board that will fit over the window or hole in the wall that you want to use. Pick a spot that receives the most amount of wind, and consider building a couple of units that are customized to fit various spaces around the structure. The next step is to cut one of the 2 liter bottles at a spot about 2/3 the way to the top. Use this as a guide to trace circles around it on the board.

You want to trace circles on the board so that you are able to fit in the maximum number of bottles. You can arrange the bottles any way you like. Then, start gathering, rinsing and peeling off the labels from the bottles that you will be using. Cut the bottles about 2/3 the way up as well. This will give you enough of an inlet without the weight of the bottles placing stress on the board and seal against the window later.

Making the Air Conditioner

The best way to attach the bottles to the board is to keep the caps on but to cut away the tops. The walls of the caps will help to secure the bottles in place. Find an appropriately-sized dremel that will cut holes that are just big enough for the bottles to be inserted. Use a test piece as a way to practice a bit before boring into the main board.

Once you’ve traced the outer circle for the bottles, you also need to mark the center circle where they will be inserted. The best way to do this is by placing a pencil into the bottle and tracing it from the inside while it is still centered on the circle. However, you can use your imagination to find the best way for you to get everything positioned properly. Repeat until all of the circles have been traced atop the board.

All you need to do now is cut the bottles, the tops of the caps and push them through the holes. Depending on the fit, you may also need to apply some sealant to keep the bottles in place. Once all of the bottles have been secured, simply place the board on the window or space on the wall and you’re good to go.

This may turn out to be one of the easiest and most-effective ways to inject cool air into a room, and you can also fit it over a screen to keep bugs out as well. Try it for yourself and see if this trick will give you the temperature drop you’ve been looking for.

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