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Uploaded on Aug 16, 2010

Camping and Outdoor Shower – The Eccotemp L5 LP Gas Tankless Water Heater works very well for remote hot water needs. We’ve tested this heater in many different applications and the 5L Propane seems to be best suited for campers, camping, motor homes, outdoor showers, remote showers, cabins, cottages and pet grooming/dog washing or bathing.

What makes this tankless water heater perfect is that it requires no electricity to operate. It ignites with 2 D cell batteries, so all you need is a water source and a BBQ size propane tank.


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You can use gravity feed for this heater as long as you have 5 PSI of water pressure and a minimum of 1/2 gallon of flow per minute. That’s pretty easy to accomplish, so many campers use this tankless water heater with bladder bags or 5 gallon buckets suspended from a tree.

Use your imagination and we know you can think of many other uses for our tankless water heaters – How about off grid water heating? See, we thought of another one.



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