Herbal Remedies that Have Been Providing Relief for Centuries

There are plenty of plants all around us that have all kinds of medicinal benefits, and some of them can actually be more-effective than certain pharmaceuticals.  In fact, a lot of the medications that we take have been synthesized from plants to begin with.  Let’s look at a few examples of common medicinal plants that …

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The Little-Known Benefits Associated with Raising Quail

Quail are similar, yet different to chickens in a number of ways that may make raising them an attractive option for some.  They are smaller, lay eggs on a more frequent basis and require less hands-on management.  On the other hand they produce less in terms of food volume than their chicken counterparts.  Here are a …

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End a Fight in 3 Seconds | Krav Maga

Ending a fight efficiently with minimal engagement with the subject allowing for a rapid exit is ideal. In this Krav Maga video, Ryan Hoover breaks down the rear naked choke in a street fight scenario where violence is imminent. The idea is to rapidly shut down the carotid arteries restricting blood flow to the brain. If …

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Making Ghee Butter For Long Term Storage

Ghee butter got its start in Asia ages ago as a way to preserve butter for long term use.  It can be stored without the need for refrigeration, and some ghee products are purported to have a shelf life of more than a hundred years.  While there is a lot of disagreement over actual shelf life, …

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Safe and Easy Homemade Flea Control Solutions

Fleas can drive people and pets absolutely crazy, and an infestation can spring up overnight with little or no warning.  Thousands of them can develop in a very short amount of time, and they can be so disruptive that it’s nearly impossible to spend more than a minute or two in an infested room before …

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The Benefits of Carbon or Charcoal for Digestive Problems

Carbon or charcoal tablets has been viewed as a remedy of choice around the world for centuries. This safe, simple and abundant powder is well known for its ability to soothe or treat a host of ailments and conditions.  They are particularly useful when dealing with digestive problems, certain forms of poisoning as well as …

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The Treasure Trove of Items in Military Surplus Outlets

Military surplus items used to appeal to a small but dedicated niche of ex soldiers or militia-types. However, more and more people are discovering the abundance of survival resources that are available through these outlets.  Many items are built with quality and efficiency in mind while also costing a fraction of less-effective products on the commercial …

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SHTF Bread. No Yeast or Buttermilk Needed

This bread does not require yeast or buttermilk. It is super easy to make and tastes great!

How to Make Arrows for Under $2.00

How to make arrows on the cheap for prepping. How to make arrows on the cheap for prepping.

Escape and Evasion When SHTF

In this episode, we describe some concepts to be weary of in an escape and evasion situation that will help you stay hidden from trackers. Some of these little things will keep you from being found and could save your life depending on the situation. Hope you take something from this and thanks for watching! Awareness is …

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