How to Make a Delicious Batch of Black Walnut Liqueur

How to Make a Delicious Batch of Black Walnut Liqueur


We’re not here to promote moonshining or the illegal manufacture of alcohol.  However, if you are lucky to be in an area where you have access to fresh walnuts, then you can convert that into a tasty liqueur in a few easy steps.  Whether you would use it for personal enjoyment, bartering, selling, or a combination of everything, this is a delicious commodity to have on hand.  Take a look at the steps below and see how easy it is to create a simple and delicious drink that comes straight from nature, almost.

Getting Started


All you need to do is find some green walnuts that are still attached to the tree.  You want to harvest them when they are about the size of a small lemon.  Gather about 25 of these walnuts and bring them to your work area.  Remove any stems from the shells and cut the walnuts in half from top to bottom. 


Slice through everything.  The walnuts inside will be tender and undeveloped, and their white color will stand out in contrast to the mango-yellow of the fibers of the meat of seed.  Quarter the halves so that they look like little wedges of lemons.

Preparing the Ingredients


Place the walnut quarters in a large, glass jar and toss in a couple lemon rinds.  Add a cinnamon stick or two along with some star anise or even a little bit of nutmeg or vanilla.  These are just a couple examples of spices that you can use to enhance the flavor of the finished product.  Many people don’t add anything in order to experience that hearty, pure walnut flavor as well.  Experiment with different combinations until you find some that give you the flavor you’re looking for.

Once you’ve added the ingredients to the container, pour in around three cups of vodka.  There is a lot of argument over what type of vodka to use.  Some swear by the cheapest you can find whereas others believe that top-shelf vodka contributes the finished product having a better taste.  In any case, feel free to experiment with different variations of vodka as well.  Once you’ve poured the vodka, put the lid on the container and give it a few really good shakes.  You want the ingredient to mix and ensure that everything settles properly. 

Place in a cool and dark location for around two to three months in order to infuse.  Remove the lid and strain the liquid into another container.  Pour between a half and one cup of sugar syrup into the liquid.   Make the syrup by dissolving two cups of sugar to one cup of water, stirring until it dissolves.  You can make the syrup thinner or sweeter by adjusting the level of sugar to water.  Stir a couple of times, place the lid on the container and give it another good couple of shakes.  Store in the same place for another three to four months.

The finished product will be this rich, thick nutty-tasting liquor that can be used for a lot of different occasions.  It will also be something that is unique enough to have some marketing or bartering potential as well.  In any case, as long as you have the patience to wait, you can use these steps to start creating your own batches today.

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