How to Put Together a Pet Survival Kit

How to Put Together a Pet Survival Kit

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It’s important to spend some time building a survival kit for your pet so they can be well-cared for during and after an emergency.  While the needs of our pets are not as complex or involved as their human counterparts, it is very easy to overlook some basic things as we focus on ourselves.  Here are a few examples of things to consider when preparing a survival kit or bug out bag for your pet.


You want to make sure that you have an adequate stockpile of food for your pet.  Put extra supplies in your food storage area, and make sure that you include at least a week’s worth for bugging out.  You want that extra supply in order to have time to find alternative sources once supplies dry up.  It’s a lot easier to prepare meals and find food for humans, so you need this extra time as an insurance policy.


Make sure that you incorporate water for your pet in your stockpile as well.  Become familiar with how much water your particular pet consumes on a normal day, and do some research to see how much they may need under varying conditions in a survival situation.  Remember that pets also get stressed and are sensitive to their environment too.  Hot weather, physical exertion and a stressful situation can all contribute to a significant increase in daily water consumption.


If your pet is on medication, make sure that you have a full prescription handy for emergencies.  You should also try and get a hold of some antibiotics and other medicines if they fall ill or suffer from common ailments when access to a vet is not possible.  Make sure that you keep their shots up to date as well. 



Make sure your pet has a collar along with tags that can help to identify them if they get lost and someone picks them up.  Make sure that there is contact information that can be used to notify you once they are found.  This can be your own number, or the number of the county or city where you registered the pet.  Just make sure that you keep your file updated so that the clerk can contact you once someone reports your animal.  You might also consider tagging them with locator chips.  Make sure that the information on file is also up to date.

Creature Comforts


Pets also need to be comforted, relaxed and entertained just like their owners.  The best way to do this is to pack their food and water bowls, bring some of their favorite toys and bedding if possible.  The more you can make your pet comfortable will go a long way with respect to avoiding problems that crop up as the result of stress.  Load up on treats, bring a leash, a ball, string or laser pointer to keep a cat entertained. 

Think of other things that you can do to ensure that the needs of your pet are accommodated as much as your own, and plan accordingly.  Only you know what your pets like and feel comfortable with.  Take time to make a list and prepare a bug out bag that includes these items so they don’t get left behind or excluded during a crisis.

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