Beneficial Uses for Alcohol in a post SHTF Scenario

Beneficial Uses for Alcohol in a post SHTF Scenario


Alcohol and prepping is a sensitive topic, especially due to the risk that turning to the bottle may be the way that many people cope with a disaster.  However, leaving that aside, it’s important to consider some really good uses for alcohol during the prolonged aftermath of a crisis as well.  Here are just a few ideas from a long list of benefits that alcohol can provide.

Keep in mind that the benefits that you read about will depend on the product that you are using.  For example, bringing a bottle of Irish cream or some wine is not going to be as useful as a high-proof alternative such as vodka.  If you do plan on stocking up on alcohol, try and get the purest, most potent available that does not have a lot of flavoring.  This may seem less appealing, but remember that we’re looking at function here more than anything else.


Alcohol kills germs.  This is why people get swabbed with rubbing alcohol before getting a shot or an IV.  It can also be used to disinfect wounds during a crisis.  While it is not as good as betadine or Iodine, it will do the trick, and it can go a long way to help reduce the chances of getting an infection.

Tooth Pain

Alcohol can help to ease the pain associated with minor toothaches and gum problems.  It has also been widely-used as an anesthetic before Novocaine was incorporated into modern dentistry.  It can help to numb a tooth and surrounding tissue before an extraction, and a few swigs will also help to make the pain from the procedure more tolerable.

Odor Removal


Most odors that we don’t like come from bacteria that thrive in moist and warm environments.  Think under the arms, feet and groin areas.  Alcohol dissipates moisture and kills bacteria.  Consequently, dabbing a little bit of alcohol on key areas of the body can go a long way with keeping body odor under control.  Alcohol can also be used in rooms and on surfaces.  Vodka works best for this because it is odorless and high in alcohol.  Spray rooms and wipe surfaces and you will notice an immediate improvement as odors are neutralized.



Alcohol kills germs, and it can be ideal for cleaning cooking utensils, tools, knives and other objects that have the potential to harbor bacteria and microbes.  Also is a great hand sanitizer.  Consider how many cleaning products have an alcohol base.  You can enjoy some of the same benefits by using a good alcohol product to keep your environment as germ free as possible.


Alcohol is a key survival fuel.  Just look at all the survival and fire-starting tricks out there that involve alcohol.  Alcohol stoves, soaking combustible material in alcohol or pouring it directly onto kindling or tinder can get a fire going very easily.  Think of how you can use alcohol, as long as it as close to 100 proof as possible, to fuel lamps and fire up stoves.

Insect Bites


Alcohol is also a common ingredient in products that soothe insect bites.  Alcohol kills compounds that create irritation, burning and swelling left by the insect.  It also sanitizes the area, dries the skin and dulls nerves.  All of this can make the pain and itching after an insect bite less severe.  Alcohol can also be a really good insect repellent.  Try mixing some vodka with some olive oil and apply it to the skin.  Many people have reported that it keeps mosquitoes at bay. 

Cold and Cough Remedy


Most of us know that there used to be, and in some cases still are, cough remedies that have a lot of alcohol in them.  Why?  Because it opens up airways and promotes coughing which helps to expel mucous and relieve congestion.  It also calms the nerves in the respiratory system along with relaxing the body.  This is why cough and cold remedies are so effective at helping us to get to sleep.  You can skip the medicine part and still enjoy many of the benefits by ingesting a little bit of alcohol.

Aside from these random uses, you can also use alcohol to barter and trade with, and it can help to calm nerves and improve moods (if used judiciously and responsibly).  It is also an excellent solvent which makes cleaning gunk and grime easier, and you can even cook an egg by cracking it into a glass of vodka.  Let it sit for about an hour, and you can eat it afterwards.

These are just a few examples that illustrate the benefits of keeping a supply of alcohol on hand during a survival situation.  Only you can decide if this is a wise choice based on your preferences and needs, but it’s definitely worth considering as a way to make life easier during the aftermath of a crisis.

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