Looters Burglars and Securing Your Home



Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.04.34 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.04.34 PM

Delay – How can I make my home harder to loot or buy me time?

Harden your house to make it a less attractive target for burglars and looters if the SHTF in an economic collapse or hyperinflationary scenario. The door club and rose bushes can combine to form an inexpensive first line of home defense.


Simple fortifications

Aside from sandbags and boarding up your windows (which are crude, simple and only used/made after the disaster has hit), there are options for those wanting to go the extra mile and make your home impenetrable. These methods aren’t cheap but they certainly worth it.

  • Replace glass windows with non-breakable Plexiglas
  • Add steel bars to windows
  • Replace all outside door locks with heavy-duty deadbolts
  • Replace all outside doors with steel doors
  • Build secret hiding places for supplies and / or people


Be prepared to defend your life – In a true collapse, the regular rules are out the window. There will likely be no law enforcement for some period of time, possibly ever. At best, they will be much slower to respond because they will already be busy with other issues. You have to seriously consider what will be required of you in a worst case scenario and to that end, what you are capable of in the realm of defending your family and home.


Useful Items for Defending Your Home

Defending your home is a critical component of any urban survival plan. Your home will have to become a fortress (either hidden or visible). You’ll need to make an emergency plan that covers such activities as hiding, defending and evacuating. Some useful items for home defense include:

  • Firearms and replicas
  • A guard dog
  • Crowbars, hammers, tools, lumber, plywood and other construction supplies.
  • Shovels and a good supply of sandbags
  • Pepper spray / bear mace





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