The Do-it-All Israeli Bandage…Survival in an instant!

We talk a lot in survival circles about food, water, security and shelter, and rightfully so. These pillars of preparedness take time and money to develop, and at least some small amount of training or education to effectively execute. However, the most instantaneous threat to survival is traumatic injury, such as severe blood loss. This kind of emergency creates a difficult to control, emotionally charged survival situation generally requiring more than one respondent to effectively treat, and a fairly skilled medical professional and a hospital environment to eventually overcome. Here success is defined as life, failure as death, and how quickly and effectively we react can make all of the difference.


Welcome the Israeli Medical Combat Bandage. Named for the military medics that created it, and originally used effectively in Bosnia by NATO forces, this trauma-ready compression bandage effectively consolidates at least four primary medical devices or requirements when it comes to staunching severe blood loss:
– primary sterile dressing
– direct pressure application
– a secondary dressing
– effective dressing closure

Perhaps the most important element is the ability to be applied by a single individual without the need for constant manual direct pressure. Constant compression is achieved through a strategically placed pressure bar that allows the bandage to pulled back upon itself, pressing the no-stick primary dressing directly onto the wound. The Mayo Clinic suggests at least 20 minutes of direct pressure, a tightly bound and sterile dressing, and immobilization of wound areas as key elements in effectively treating hemorrhage or traumatic blood loss. The Israeli bandage tackles these with flying colors.


It’s also possible to constrict blood flow through a tourniquet operation using the retention clip. This easy to manipulate closure device insures the integrity of the bandage and consistent pressure in all situations.

Coming in both 4” and 6” pad sizes, this bandage is an absolute must for your bug-out bag, 72-hour kit and emergency medical supply kit. It’s the one first-aid article that you MUST HAVE in your survival stash! We just hope you’ll never actually need it!


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