Rainwater Collector and Filtration Device



Creating this simple device can kill two birds with one stone, giving you access to fresh and safe drinking water straight from the heavens. All you need is some basic material that can be found anywhere, and it can work while you are tending to other projects. Follow the simple steps below in order to create and utilize this fantastic hack almost anywhere and add to your drinking water options.


The Main Components

The filter includes a funnel to trap rainwater, a filtration container, a stand and a cup at the bottom. The size of the filter will vary depending on your needs as well as how much water you want to capture. You can make one out of a paper cup and some cardboard along with some twigs, but it may not produce enough water to make it worthwhile. Using larger items will give you access to more water as well as the ability to consider storage as well. For purposes of this project, we will be using large sticks, an empty 2 liter plastic bottle along with some plastic sheeting for the funnel.



The first step is to create the filter itself. This can be accomplished by cutting off the top of the bottle and adding layers of charcoal, sand and gravel. Each layer will filter out different sized impurities, combining to produce water that is virtually pure. Make sure that the charcoal has been pulverized to a power to ensure maximum effect. Poke holes in the bottom of the bottle for the filtered water to drip into the cup or container for drinking.


Once the filter has been created, the next step is to attach it to a stand so that it will work without the need to hold it up. The easiest way to build the stand is to create a tripod out of sticks or pieces of wood. You can either attach the pieces directly to the filter by using tape or rubber bands, or you can fashion a base that the filter can rest upon as well. In any case, make sure that the stand is tall enough so that the container will fit underneath and sturdy enough to support the weight of the system.


Finally, create a funnel by taking a large sheet of plastic or cardboard and folding or cutting and then taping it closed. You want to make sure the opening at the bottom of the funnel is wide enough to rest over the top of the filter. The top also needs to be wide and even enough to trap rainwater as it falls.


You can scale up or down this filter based on your needs and preferences, and it will work as long as the components retain the same proportions. This is not intended to be a portable filter but one that can be set in order to collect rain water and make it safe for drinking. Try it out and see how this simple and convenient trick can give you access to an additional source of drinking water without the need to oversee the filtration process.

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