The Crazy Things that People do and Your Security

We spend enough time preparing for SHTF that we may miss the forest for the trees when it comes to day-to-day threats that we already face.  There has been a rash of news stories about maniacs in our society that are finding new and amazing ways to threaten our security and well-being.  Let’s take a look at a couple of examples that can serve as a reminder of the importance of being vigilant in our own backyards now.

Mouse Poison at Grocery Stores

A man in Michigan was recently charged after he was caught spraying produce and other unpackaged food items with poison.  He used a combination of hand sanitizer, water, rubbing alcohol and mouse poison, mixed it together and began spraying.  This occurred at a number of grocery stores before he was finally caught.

Imagine getting sick from your last salad, going to the hospital, and waiting for doctors to try and figure out what happened.  Then, imagine the time that it takes police to investigate.  It can take weeks before someone notices that local food supplies have been tampered with.  Fortunately, this man was caught before too much harm was caused.  However, consider how many other lunatics are out there doing similar things without getting caught. 

Razor Blades in Playgrounds

There was a rash of incidents in which razor blades, needles and pieces of broken glass were glued to playground equipment and buried in sand and mulch areas.  This is not something new, and scores of children have been injured by these incidents.  However, pictures and stories have been making a resurgence on social media, and parks across the country are being tampered with by copycat lunatics.

How many times do parents examine the condition of playground equipment?  We focus on watching our kids and keeping them away from drugs or sexual predators.  However, the risk of catching a communicable disease or getting seriously injured by razor blades or other dangerous objects is something that doesn’t usually cross the minds of parents.  Be vigilant, because this threat could be happening in your community.

ATM Skimming

Criminals are getting a lot better when it comes to skimming ATM Cards.  This is especially true at ATM machines that are not located at banks.  Anyone can buy an ATM machine and install it in a bar, convenience store or other place where people will need to get some extra cash.  Unfortunately, these small-time entrepreneurs lack the manpower and resources to check and service machines on a regular basis.  Consequently, they are the perfect ones for thieves to modify.  All it takes is a couple of wires, a card reader, some good camouflage and a memory stick, and criminals can get access to hundreds, if not thousands of card numbers, billing information and PIN numbers.

While many banks and credit card companies refund money that is stolen, there’s little that can be done if criminals get your identity.  Be very careful with where you go to get money, and avoid paying at the pump at gas stations whenever possible as well.

These are just a few of the things that place us in danger on a regular basis, and they are threats that often go unnoticed until someone gets hurt.  This is why it is so important to focus on the here and now and how it’s our responsibility to look at survival preparedness as a day-to-day affair as opposed to gearing up for a crisis.  Make sure that you are always vigilant, exercise good situational awareness and trust your instincts.  You never know when you will be faced with a situation that comes out of left field and leaves you completely vulnerable. 

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