Why You Should Consider Stocking Up on Insect Nets

Why You Should Consider Stocking Up on Insect Nets


We talk a lot about insect repellents, poisons and natural alternatives in order to keep pests at bay during a survival situation.  While there are a lot of options to consider in order to establish a multi-layered and effective barrier against problems, nothing can compare to netting and proper shelter as a way to keep pests at bay.  Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this makes for the ideal solution and why you should have a good supply of netting on hand at all times.

Pockets of Protection

The sheer variety of insect problems that we’re bound to face during a crisis or survival situation, especially in areas near forests and thick vegetation, makes it impossible to provide full protection all of the time.  For example, bug lights attract a lot of pests, but they do not always attract all of the harmful ones, particularly mosquitoes. 

Sprays provide a good layer of protection, but they don’t last long as the active ingredients wash away, evaporate or become diluted.  Candles only cover a certain amount of space, and changing winds can direct the smoke away from the areas that you are trying to protect.   The same can be said of foggers and homemade remedies as well.  Many work wonders, but none will address the totality of the problem.

Physical Barriers

Just as screens keep insects outside of the home, they, as well as nets, will provide a barrier from pests outside as well.  Combined with some of the items listed above, and you can create a solid layer of protection no matter you may be setting up camp.  Mosquito netting for instance is sheer, lightweight and easy to store and transport.  You can easily find enough material to cover any area that you want to keep pest-free.  This can include cooking, living and sleeping areas. 

While mosquito netting is probably the most popular and readily-available choice, it is also very fragile and susceptible to tearing and the formation of holes.  It is ideal for night-time protection while you sleep or for protecting small areas that you set up out in the field.  For larger projects or areas, consider using regular screen or small wire mesh as an alternative.  It is more durable, you can fashion all kinds of frames to hold the material, and it can be installed over any exposed area in minutes. 

Every window, door or entrance to a tent or shelter should be covered with the material in addition to using other methods of protection as well.  Hopefully, the result will be more insects being kept outside while the other alternatives take care of the few that make it past these first layers of defense.

Just because it’s easy to consider screens and nets as an afterthought, it’s important that we do not overlook their value.  Try and incorporate them into your planning, and customize them to meet your needs now and out in the field.  While there a limitless amount of pest control methods that you can take advantage of, none of them will fully-replace the benefits of netting or screens. 

Considering the fact that a lot of threats to our health and survival come from insect bites and stings, it is important to take steps to prevent them from occurring.  Take a close look at your home, bug out location, tent or other type of shelter today.  Start to think about how to incorporate netting or screens to keep pests out of your living areas, and you can avoid a host of preventable problems later.

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