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Survival Tips and Hacks

Some quick and easy hacks that could have a huge payoff in a survival situation. Information is power, especially when it comes in graphic form.     by: Survivalkit

Waterproof Fire Starters

Make Your Own Waterproof Fire Starters Here are some really cool small waterproof fire starters we’ve made. These little guys are great survival additions to any kit you have. They can really come in handy if you are stuck in a pickle! All you need is some soda straws, pliers, scissors, cotton balls and a …

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8 Uses For Vodka For Medical Purposes

Caveat: There have been no studies that I know of on vodka as a medical supply. While rubbing alcohol is a known disinfectant, it has a higher alcohol content than vodka, so We  can’t be absolutely certain this liquor—or any liquor—will work in the same way. These ideas are for if you don’t have a better, …

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The Do-it-All Israeli Bandage…Survival in an instant!

We talk a lot in survival circles about food, water, security and shelter, and rightfully so. These pillars of preparedness take time and money to develop, and at least some small amount of training or education to effectively execute. However, the most instantaneous threat to survival is traumatic injury, such as severe blood loss. This …

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5 Tips for Short-Term Prepping

What does it mean to short term prep? What gear and prepping strategies should you have on hand? Short term prepping for a disaster.   As a prepper and survivalist, I thought I was ready for everything. I spent years buying and trading for gold and silver waiting for the inevitable crash of the dollar, …

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Amazing Baking Soda – 112 Uses

Amazing Baking Soda – 112 Uses Week after week I’m amazed at all of the uses for common household product. This list contains a lot of the uses that were used back in WWII. However, as my family and I collaborate we find that we use the products for more modern things too. To continue …

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How to Escape a Car If You’re Caught in a Flash Flood

Back now at 7:42 with a “Gma investigates” and an incredible new experiment this morning revealing what to do if you’re caught in a flash flood or fast-rising water. ABC’s Matt Gutman bravely got behind the wheel to test out a new way to escape a submerged car. Reporter: Imagine you’re behind the wheel of …

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No Water? Here’s What To Do.

To the surprise of many, the need for water is much higher than for food. Many people have lived for 30 days with no food, but without water, after three or four days you are in serious trouble. People tend to underestimate how much water is actually needed to perform normal, routine tasks of daily …

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