The Importance of Honey in the Prepper’s Pantry

The Importance of Honey in the Prepper’s PantryScreen Shot 2015-03-19 at 8.32.13 PM

The following are the importance of honey in the Prepper’s pantry:

(1)For emergency situations such as when a diabetic person has taken too much insulin reducing the blood sugar level.Since honey is easily absorbed in the body,a table spoon of it with cold water raise the blood sugar level instantly.Honey is an emergency food.

(2)Preserving the food since honey never goes bad.Honey replace chemicals that are used to preserve food some of which may cause health problems in your body.

(3)Healing disease since honey is anti-fungi and anti-bacteria.

(4)The other importance is to give energy due to its high calorie level.

(5)Provide vitamin C,Calcium and Iron in it.

(6)Treating sore throat as well as scratchy throat problems.

(7)Reduce acid in the food since honey is a base.

(8)Boost the immunity of a person.

(9)Food made of honey are more delicious as compared to the ones made of sugar.Makes the canned food very sweet.

The Importance of Honey in the Prepper’s Pantry



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